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Publishing | YGTMAMA

About Us

YGTMama Media Co. Press is a boutique publishing house created for Mamas, by Mamas to support Mamas with big goals and dreams. We have created a safe space for our authors to grow and diversify themselves within the genres of non-fiction, personal development, spiritual enlightenment, health and wellness, love and relationships, motherhood and business as well as children’s books, journals, and personal and professional growth tools. We help motivated Mamas realize dreams and ideas by breathing life into their powerful passions. Every Mama has a story, we want to be the vehicle to share yours through writing coaching, book ideation and complete or partial publishing services for any stage of your manuscript.

the mama tribe

The Mama Tribe began with the creation of the first You’ve Got This, Mama book. Bringing together a group of like-minded Mamas with a common goal is such a beautiful and powerful thing, then you add sharing their authentic stories with the world, and the real magic occurs. They say it takes a village, ain’t that the truth. We are your village. The Mama Tribe is now comprised of over 200 Mamas and growing by the day. We care about books, education, community, women’s empowerment, and each other’s success. We are a force to be reckoned with. With blogs, podcasts, businesses, and brands being birthed every day and a common mission to support motivated mamas! It has been a long journey to get here. 

Services Offered

Writing Coaching & Book Ideation

Sometimes we can have a great idea but no idea how to put it into words. Our writing coaches and trained editors will help you refine your voice, authentically share your story and build out your book.
>>> One on one coaching

>>> Writing schedules

>>> Hand-holding through the process

Professional Editing

We have a four-tier professional editing system. Our team helps you develop and refine your voice, removes the worry of technical issues and coaches you through the process.

>>> Developmental

>>> Technical

>>> Copy

>>> Proof-reading

Interior Book Design

The interior design of a book is just as (if not more so) important as the cover. Interior design is an art form, formatting can be the most daunting task in book publishing.

>>> Typeset

>>> Formatting

>>> Design

>>> Ebook

Graphic & Cover Design

“Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” I hate to break it to you, Mama but people do. The cover of your book is what draws people in. Our team designs a beautiful and professionally formatted cover based on your vision with a built in focus group.

>>> Ideation & focus groups

>>> Design & formatting

>>> Branding & social graphics


Publishing & Distribution

Deciding to self-publish or join an imprint is a big decision. Our team of over 100 Mama authors and business owners, provide organic marketing and support for one another.

>>> Metadata & distribution

 >>> ISBN acquisition & book registration

>>> Guaranteed Amazon best-seller campaign

Publishing Packages

YGTMama Media Co. wants to help you birth your Brain Baby.

Has a book been on your heart for a while but the publishing process seems overwhelming? Maybe you are sitting on a completed manuscript, but the logistics make your brain hurt? Have a great idea but no clue how to turn it into a book?

We offer a variety of customized, a la carte services and publishing packages to assist you at any stage of your writing career.

want to learn more about our publishing packages?

Want to write a book? Maybe you already have a completed manuscript that you just need some editing or publishing help with? We help seasoned and emerging authors with all stages of their book. Get a custom quote today.

Just Birth

Have a partial or fully completed manuscript but no clue what to do next? Does the word “metadata” make your head spin? 

Our team will do an audit to make sure the book fits our imprint genre and quality, then we will do the heavy lifting. BONUS: joining The Mama Tribe lend access to organic marketing in our ever-growing community.

Conception to Birth - Simple

Have a great idea and well thought out concept but no idea how to turn it into a product? Our writing coaches and book development team will help you flesh out your book and turn it into a reality.

This includes our 4 tier professional editing, book cover design, interior typeset, ISBN acquisition, publishing, and launch.

Conception to Birth - Complicated

This package is the full deal. You know you want to write a book, that’s about it. We will hold your hand, coach you, and work alongside you from start to finish.

Services include but are not limited to: ideation, writing schedules, accountability, editing, cover design, inter design & formatting, market research, launch strategy, publishing, metadata creation, ISBN acquisition, and organic marketing.

Post Brain Baby

You’ve just self-published a book and realized that you have sold 3 copies (and you bought 2). Post management of a book is key to sales. We can help you create a launch strategy, media kit, land you guest spots on popular podcasts and blogs, set up book signings and enter you int The Mama Tribe.

The Mama Tribe has a collective social following of over 500K and growing. Organic marketing is one of the most powerful tools in launching a book.

Meet The Publishing Team

Sabrina Greer

Sabrina Greer

Lead Author / Publisher

Sabrina is a 3x best-selling author, serial entrepreneur, blogger, podcast host and mama x3. Her passion is to help moms build the life of their dreams, which she achieves through coaching and collaborative creations. She created her brain babies – YGTMama Inc. and YGTMama Media Co. as platforms for moms to step into their greatest selves, share their authentic stories and birth their brain babies into this world. 

Tania Jane Moraes-Vaz

Tania Jane Moraes-Vaz

Developmental Editor & Writing Support Coach

Tania is a 2x best-selling author, podcast host, multi-passionate entrepreneur, founder of The Holistic Warrior Life, developmental editor, wordsmith, writing coach, and mama x1. Tania has been editing, ghostwriting and creating epic content for her clients for over a decade. She helps authors share their authentic voice and message through coaching and connection with pure heart, soul, and passion.

Christine Stock

Christine Stock

Copy & Technical Editor

Christine is brand new to the YGTMama tribe with the upcoming launch of You’ve Got This, Healthy Mama. She is a trained copy and technical editor, writer, and mama x1. Copy editing is a multi-faceted job. Ultimately, copy editors strive to meet the four “C’s” of communication: clarity, coherency, consistency, and correctness. Although new to the team, she is not new to editing books as her portfolio contains more than seventy to date.

Doris Chung

Doris Chung

Graphic Designer

Doris is a serial entrepreneur and a mama x1. She has founded multiple businesses in the printing, graphic design, branding, publishing, marketing, PR and fulfillment sectors. Doris founded PPS PublishingLiquid Ink. Package Agency and recently her own independent publishing house. A woman on fire, doing amazing things. YGTMama’s partnership with Doris is priceless, she makes it all come to life.

Books We Publish

Non-Fiction Narrative

Non-fiction narrative is becoming more popular. With the rise of reality television and the movement towards authenticity and sharing our truths, this genre is perfect for the reader seeking experience-based knowledge.

Personal Development

Our books are laden in personal and professional development. As Mamas we all have a story or have been through powerful experiences. Many of our authors are expert and write about heavily researched topics.

Children's Books

Children are our future. Imagination is just as, if not more so, important than education. Reading to your child, even if brief, daily, has been proven to help cognitive development and provide richer life experiences.

Coauthored Projects

Our unique collaborative book projects, create accessible opportunity for aspiring authors. These books provide a test drive into the publishing world with incredible support. They offer the reader a rich and diverse experience.