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More Than JUST a Mama | YGTMAMA

You are tired AF!


You are overwhelmed by the invisible Motherload.

You feel isolated, and like you’re stuck in some Groundhog Day rendition of your life.

You know you are made for more than diaper explosions and deliver snacks.

You have faint memories of big dreams and goals but they have been put on pause.

You feel like if you just had the right tools, the right support and some kind of map, you might be able to get there.


But, you don’t feel ready for a full time, one on one coach or to commit to the pressures of a group coaching program.

But, you have strong fears and doubts that stop you in your tracks, every time you try to get started.

But, you are overwhelmed by the abundance of information and spam on the internet and have no clue where to begin.

But, your belief system tells you, you are JUST a mom and nothing else is possible right now. Maybe when the kids are older?


You are more than JUST a Mama!

The Program

More Than JUST a Mama is a 15 module, audio-based, program designed for you, the busy mom, feeling called to do more, be more, have more but the HOW is so unclear. Every module has printable worksheets and customized resources.


You have dreams, at least you had dreams. Motherhood is hard AF and it is not uncommon for those dreams to be cast aside when you have little ones to care for. This is not about choosing business over family, nor is it about taking anything away from your kiddos. You can have it all, Mama. Happy relationships, thriving kids, an abundance of energy, a zest for life, a business you love and you can ALSO still do all the things that light you up!

The tools you require are already there, within you, you simply need a guide to surface them. This program is just that, a guide to level up. Level up your passions, your motivation, your motherhood, your relationships, and your life, without the drama, and rigid time commitments.

The Voice in Your Ear

Hi, I’m Sabrina Greer. I was you less than two years ago. I was in the thick of postpartum overwhelm with my third son, weighing out work from home options vs. paying for daycare and going back to work. I was bored but somehow incredibly busy. I resented my family for eating up all of my time but didn’t want to be away from them for a minute. I was running on an empty tank, stuck in an overwhelmingly mundane and lonely story. I knew I needed a jolt back to life, an awakening of sorts.

I hired a coach (even though I couldn’t afford it), I joined ALL of the programs (even though I had zero time any of it) and I dove into the world of personal development, as though my life depended on it, because it did.

I changed my story. I started writing again (a deep passion I had cast aside) and published 4 best-selling books in less than two years. I took my coaching certification and built a practice with super aligned clients. I was invited to be a motivational speaker at numerous events. I started a blog, a podcast and two successful businesses, of which I operate ALL from my sweet little 70-acre farm, with my kids in tow, and they love it. I have designed and manifested the life of my dreams in less than two years AND I want to pay it forward by sharing my toolkit with you without the price tags and time commitments.

The Logistics

This is a 15-module program, that you can do 100% at your own pace, on your own time. 3 am nursing? Folding laundry? At soccer practice? No problem! The unique, signature design of this program allows you to do it from anywhere, anytime that is convenient for you. The program modules are audio bites so all you need are earbuds and a smartphone. You will have unique login and password access to our resource center and library, where you can access all of the worksheets, reading materials and so much more.


All modules are 20-60 minute sound bites with corresponding and customized printable worksheets, recommended reading material (with access links and coles notes) and resources. Think of it as your own private classroom and coach that you don’t have to wash your hair for and worry about scheduling or rescheduling because of the kiddos.

You will also be given access to our private members’ Facebook group where you can access live coaching, bounce ideas off other like-minded mamas and we will host a monthly virtual meet up for those craving community and connection (not mandatory). 6-month trial membership included with the program for FREE ($250 value) and 40% discount off extended membership and entry to The Boss Mama Mastermind.


See what people are saying about previously executed programs and coaching experiences.

I can’t say enough about the program. I didn’t realize how stuck in fear I was until participating. With the connections, discussions and activities, I am finally coming into my own and shedding the anxiety for action and growth. I would do it all over again!
I can 100% say you cannot put a dollar value on the content that is provided by Sabrina. This course will transform your life if you allow it. Sabrina will provide you with support and a sense of belonging to confidently move forward.
I was able to move my business to places I didn’t even imagine bringing it. I was inspired, supported and empowered by my experience and I recommend this program to anyone starting a new business who is looking for support and ideas on how to grow, not only professionally but also personally.









Ready to be, more than JUST  a Mama?