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Today was one of those days. The kind of day you wish you could relive differently. Not because of tragedy or doom just because it was hard. Today was the type of day that would somehow be better if it never happened, not because of some grandiose event, you just wish it was over while it was still happening.

I rarely throw myself a pity party and I am grateful for everything in my life but today I felt invisible. I am a huge advocate for living in the present moment and embracing the chaos. However, today my embrace was broken, and chaos took me down with force. It is easy in these moments for your ability to be present to get then shoved down a rabbit hole.

So, this one is to all the multi-tasking mamas out there. I see you.

To the mamas with two screaming toddlers using each other as chew toys while on a conference call trying to build your business, you are not alone.

To the mamas trying to entertain three, cabin fever-ridden children while the rain pours down outside your window, I’m with you.

To the mamas who are still wearing pajama pants at 2 pm because you haven’t had time to change them yet, it’s okay, I’m not judging.

To the mamas who have washed the same mildewy load of laundry three times because you forgot it was there all while more just keeps piling up, it’s okay; it will get done, don’t fret.

To all the mamas with unwashed hair and bodies, it’s nap time, take a bath, you can wash that load a fourth time, it won’t hurt anyone.

To the mamas who are surviving on toast crust and banana ends because you take care of everyone else before yourself, I see you too.

To you, mama – the exhausted one, doing it all on three hours sleep, take a nap, it will all still be there when you wake up.

To the mamas building their dreams, careers, businesses alongside motherhood, I see you, and you are amazing.

 To the mamas whose children refuse to nap and begin to scream the second you sit down to a reheated cup of coffee for the fifth time, you too are not alone.

To the mamas keeping these little people alive day after day, I know it feels like Groundhog Day now but you are incredible and an actual superhero, I see you and your beautiful soul.

To the mamas who have swept and washed the floor seven times already and it looks like rodents were nesting in the very same spot, I feel you.

To the mamas with to-do lists miles long, there is always tomorrow.

To all the mamas that feel like you are invisible and your efforts feel lost, they are not, you are not. I see you!

To all of the mamas out there, whatever your current situation, please do me a favor, immediately. Go to the closest mirror. Look inside. Ignore the nest of hair in a bun atop your head, ignore the dark circles under your eyes and the mystery stain on your shirt. Ignore it all. Look in that mirror and repeat after me. I am an amazing woman. I am an incredible mother. I am beautiful. I am powerful. I am strong and I am worthy. I can and I will have it all. Repeat this until you believe it. Own this because it is yours. You need to see what I see. I see you!

Sabrina Greer

Sabrina Greer

Sabrina Greer is a best-selling coauthor on the popular Dear Women Guidebook series, mommy-blogger, connector of inspiring souls, and outnumbered mama to three amazing boys. Her studies in developmental psychology and education have served her well in motherhood, her career, and life. Sabrina has become a pro at embracing the chaos and strives to live out her days coaching others to do the same. She is passionate about empowering young girls, women, and fellow mamas through her writing, volunteer work, and philanthropic endeavors while educating young boys (hers especially) to do the same.  

Sab Greer
Author: Sab Greer