e031 – Share Your Story – with Dr. Gillian Sawyer

Podcast Episode

This episode features a very special guest for the YGTMama crew. Dr. Gillian Sawyer is a motherless mama of two girls, a women's health advocate, founder of The Postpartum Pilot, co-creator and co-host of Movement & Motherhood retreats, Creator of the Mama Reconnect Project, soon to be podcast host, doc at Mama & Me Chiropractic, coffee lover & forest dweller. Sharing life, as it is, one story at a time.
Gillian lost her mother to cancer tragically when her firstborn was six months old. Navigating the transition to motherhood while grieving the loss of her own, guided Gillian to sharing her own story. Finding the power to connect with other people. We all have a story, and knowing that you aren’t alone can lend strength to fight for yourself. Discussing the importance of really being true and authentic to dig into our story and share it with others, Gillian finds it is healing not only for the person sharing, but everyone listening. Finding that common experience with other people is so powerful. On her retreats, Dr. Gillian finds that in-person meetups truly connect her with other mothers. Building a community of support face to face to hold physical space for the women to create a space to heal together and know that we are not alone.
We bring up the importance of sharing your story. What is your real, raw story? What are you suffering from in silence? When we choose to be brave and share all of the ugly we don’t talk about enough, we find others struggling with the same. We don’t need to hide and isolate our pain and struggles when we can find strength in sharing and honoring those issues with other women and mothers. Sharing your story can lend someone else reading or listening, the strength they need to share their own to someone in their life, move forward in their healing, giving them permission to heal.
Motherhood is overwhelming, life-changing, and can be incredibly difficult to navigate. From body changes to mental load increases, Dr. Gillian shares that the one thing she wished she knew before becoming a mother is that it is okay to not be okay. When we compare our lives to the highlight reels on Instagram it can be easy to fall into self-doubt and question ourselves as mothers, spouses, women, and friends. This is why we believe so deeply in sharing the raw authentic mess that is raising these incredible tiny humans. We need to remind ourselves that our children love us so deeply and fully, we are their entire world and they won't be traumatized by not going to the park one day.
Sabrina and Gillian talk about how we all need to take care of ourselves in order to properly care for our children. You cannot fill from an empty cup. It is not selfish to take a little to fill you own. We all need a refill from time to time. The Postpartum Pilot was created out of a need to help navigate motherhood and give strength through the sharing of stories from mothers in all stages, a place to be seen and heard and validated. As a chiropractor, Dr. Gillian often sees mothers dealing with physical pain, but she also digs into the mental well-being and focuses on building a supportive environment for the new mother.
As a forest-dwelling, nature lover, Dr. Gillian and Sabrina delve further into exploring how the environment we choose to raise our families in, can affect the experiences of childhood. Letting children have natural unstructured play time can help them thrive. We could all use a bit of unstructured time to fuel our own growth.
Dr. Gillians #1 Postpartum tip: Learn how to breathe again to connect your breathing pattern with your core and encourage pelvic floor repair postpartum. Check her website for more information and tutorials.
If you’re interested in following Dr. Gillian and want guidance with navigating the mama journey, you can find her at www.gilliansawyer.com and @iamgilliansawyer. To join the community of shared stories and experiences, follow the @thepostpartumpilot. And we look forward to her podcast coming soon!




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