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e042 - Motherhood Inspired with Jackie Rockwell | YGTMAMA

e042 – Motherhood Inspired with Jackie Rockwell

Podcast Episode

Jackie Rockwell is your Crunchy-Mama BFF, here to support you on your journey to feeling your best as a confident mom. She is a coffee lover and a dancing queen!! She lives in Oregon with her Sexy-Rexy husband and three kiddos who are often found roaming around the neighborhood. She is the founder of Motherhood Inspired, an intentional platform that encourages mamas to prioritize their self-care through small things like eating meals while they’re still hot and through larger things, like regularly scheduled time to do what they want (hello snuggling up with a good book and a glass of wine!). She believes it is important to spend at least as much time caring for yourself as you spend caring for everyone around you. She’s on a mission to ditch #momguilt and banish the mom-shaming. She believes that moms don’t have to feel stuck in their motherhood. And she offers private coaching to busy moms who are ready to feel confident and balanced in their motherhood.

We all have the power within us to live full and abundant lives and learning to manage your personal finances is a major portion of that. She is the creator of the online budgeting course, The Confident, Wealthy Mom which teaches moms how to stop putting things on the credit card without pinching pennies!

Self-care has been a topic that has really started gaining more awareness. The more you repeat things and hear it from other people, the more it resonates and sinks in, and starts to make sense. Jackie is a bookkeeper by trade and started looking at her family’s finances when she had children. She wanted to help other women and she also saw how self-care affected her life and her family’s life after becoming more aware of it. She has always scheduled a weekly time for herself, and her kids see her prioritizing herself. Instead of placing everyone else before her, she began prioritizing her well being, with yoga and nutritious meals. Something Sabrina agrees with is that self-care is often something you need to book like an appointment that you cannot miss.

So what does self-care look like? It is not just bubble baths and cake. It can be setting boundaries, having a cup of tea, or choosing water over soda, and there are lots of ways we are already implementing self-care. Instead of feeling guilty for not doing enough, we should be appreciating what we already do to take care of ourselves, and also growing that and discovering how can we be intentional about doing more.

In Sabrina’s Boss Mama Mastermind, they devote an entire week of the curriculum to self-care and have a worksheet that breaks down each section of time into mind, body, and soul. Mind, something that stimulates and inspires your mind like listening to a podcast or reading a book. Body is anything physical, like yoga or dancing or going for a walk. Soul is focused on your prayer, journaling or meditating, something more spiritual that connects you to your heart space. So when you break it down in this way, it makes it much more approachable when blocking it in your schedule.

30 Easy Self-Care Ideas from Jackie breaks down what self-care can look like and is sorted into blocks of time, whether it be 5 or 45 minutes. Having a guide available gives more direction when looking for things that inspire you. What did you use to enjoy before the daily grind took the opportunity away? Self-care is not just for mamas of young children either, there are constant phase changes that accompany raising humans, from daycare to school to leaving the home, we need to keep our focus on who we are as people. Things can always change, so we need to nurture and give ourselves grace and keeping our capabilities in mind while we focus on our core values. It is important to follow that inner voice.

The Confident Wealthy Mom is a budgeting course that walks moms through how to create an ideal budget for their family. There are three steps to Jackie’s “Pathway to Confidence”. The first step is to set intentions for what is it you want. What is it you are aiming to do? Pay off debt? Save for the next family vacation? You begin to set some short term and long term goals. The next step is to look at your current spending and what habits you have with money currently, and then finally create a workable budget based on the first two steps. This is a soft way to lean into having a budget that works better for where you want your finances to be. There is more follow up for monthly updates to their budget. Especially with the holidays coming up, many families struggle with the month to month expenses and the reoccurring bills that are always there. But the confidence of having a budget would absolutely help with the overwhelming anxiety that finances can stir up. Rather than running from the CRA, we want to arm you with tools to make this less stressful. This budgeting course takes the family needs into account, based not only on the bills, but keeping independence and date nights, and especially self-care needs.

A couple of pointers for budgeting are: do a cash budget in any area you are having trouble with. If you find one spot is a trouble area, switch to a cash budget. Like groceries or dining out. You can withdraw your budget in cash and physical see how much money is allowed for that money is available. And how much you have left without having to log into your phone. The key thing to remember when you’re budgeting that the accounts are flexible. If you go over in one account it's okay, you can take money from one of your surplus accounts, like dining out. It’s flexible and can change based on that month’s needs. Profit first is about paying yourself first from your business. It highlights the cash system and ways to build profit into your business. There are ways of not just keeping envelopes of cash around your home, but find the way that can work for you.

The goal is to start where you are at and to set actionable steps to get to where you want to be. You can’t just rush all in and expect it to go the way you want, it takes small steps every day, with achievable goals. Set intentions, especially about how you want your New Year to look.

Coming up from December 9th to 13th, Jackie is hosting a 5-day challenge into what self-care is. Each day will deep dive into a topic with accompanying videos and go to the Self-Care Challenge on Jackie’s website to sign up!

IG: @motherhood.inspired

FB: Jackie.Rockwell





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