e035 – Renewal Experiment with Sabrina Greer

Podcast Episode


After a small hiatus with summer coming to a close, we are back with a new season of You've Got This, Mama: The Podcast.

Lately, Sabrina has been focusing on the concept of renewal. With every seasonal shift, Sabrina takes the time to reflect on her growing and changing, and with the "Mama New Year" - September is a big month for new beginnings at YGTMama!

The Boss Mama Mastermind

We have the special Renewal Edition of the Boss Mama Mastermind beginning September 16th. This is such a powerful, transformational course. We thrive watching women shift their focus and grow and change into the strong present, focused mamas they want to be. Inspiring such deep, connected relationships out of the safe space created by the women in the Mastermind.

The pressure of the hustle, pushing the grind out and set high goals for ourselves and our businesses. Sabrina shifts the focus from the destination, where our internal GPS is headed, to the journey. There will be roadblocks and hurdles during the drive that we will miss if we are focused solely on the destination.  We can't ignore the view along the way. Look out the window. Get lost, it's okay. There is no harm in exploring and trying new things. There is nothing wrong with experimenting before you settle into your path. Set the destination

One of the guest speakers in the Mastermind talks with the group about being present. Anxiety comes from fear of the future, and depression comes from holding on to the past. If you can be present, and not worry about the past or the future, you can alleviate those anxious, depressive thoughts that can be holding you back during your journey. It is about shifting your perspective.


You've Got This, Mama & You've Got This, Mama, Too

Second Edition - Release September 10th, 2019

Real raw stories of motherhood, of the triumph of grief. Beautiful joy and complete chaos. Real moms, not professional writers, are sharing their truth. Members of our virtual village tell us their stories to build a safe space of vulnerability. By sharing their stories and journeys, we open up to other women going through the same experiences and can lend hope and strength to others. Knowing that you're not alone is the biggest thing. Knowing that what you're experiencing and that someone else has come out on the other side, can help when you're swallowed by the burden of isolation. Our goal with these books is that they are meant to inspire you and empower you.

Some of you may wonder why we are releasing a second edition closely after the first.  A deeply personal shift in the direction of the books led Sabrina to start her own publishing company in order to retain the authentic creative direction she knew the community and mamas needed. She wanted these books to be born from a vulnerable open, raw space that she could foster and protect without the worry of exploitation and violation. The second edition is full of new content from over 40 of the YGTMama authors, with a new focus and new energy.

On another personal note, after a successful summer move to the farm, Sabrina is excited to start bringing some fun forest life adventures soon, more kids, more puppy and now including chickens!


Head over to Amazon to order your copy of the new books today! Help us get to bestseller list!

You’ve Got This, Mama Second Edition Amazon.com https://amzn.to/2lFhAOu
You’ve Got This, Mama Second Edition Amazon.ca https://amzn.to/2m8LQS1
You’ve Got This, Mama, Too  Second Edition Amazon.com https://amzn.to/2k8yLaB
You’ve Got This, Mama, Too Second Edition Amazon.ca https://amzn.to/2lFinyW




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