e034 – Live Lightly with Jessica Callery

Podcast Episode

Jessica is a mom of one, soon to be two, a business owner, a writer, and a marketing coordinator navigating all things motherhood and trying to inspire other mamas with the real and vulnerable! She has been featured on Yet Mama, the Modern Day Psychic and Baby Post. She is a soon to be coauthor in You’ve Got This, Modern Mama and one of the founding members of The Boss Mama Mastermind.
Starting from a passion for creation and a choice to join YGTMama’s Boss Mama Mastermind. Using her skills in sewing to make scrunchies, she uses that platform to develop a community of moms that desire to Live Lightly. There is so much nonsense out there and negativity with trapping ourselves in comparison and guilt. Having the space to nurture authentic relationships with other mothers who face the same isolating struggles we face in modern motherhood. There is so much judgment from the ‘other side’ regardless of your perspective. Sacrifice has been held as a pillar of motherhood, often at the cost of their dreams. Scrunchie Mommie and YGTMama want to flip the script on modern motherhood and give permission for moms to take care of themselves and chase their dreams.
Jessica’s dream of owning a business and crafting handmade scrunchies seemed hard to reach, but she found strength in the community to arrange space in her life and her brain to allow the dream to manifest. It is important to give yourself permission to enjoy your dream and get to go to work, not seeing it as taking time away from your family but using it as a way to fill your cup.

Using turning 30 as a catalyst for change, Jessica chose to leave the chaos of her 20s for a more confident, accomplished and hopeful decade to come. Rather than letting other people judge and dictate how she felt about herself, she is stepping into her power and pulling other mothers up with her. With her new decade also comes a new baby! A new fall collection of scrunchies and a new baby, the upcoming months will be exciting for The Scrunchie Mommie. For Jessica, the best piece of advice she could offer her younger self would be to let go of the fear of the change, to go for it and not let it hold you back. You will never regret trying, but you will regret not trying.

"Let go of the fear of the change, to go for it and not let it hold you back. You will never regret trying, but you will regret not trying."

As an upcoming YGT Modern Mama coauthor, Jessica talks about her passion for work and entrepreneurship as a key facet to being a modern mother, feeling empowered to choose a more non-traditional role as a provider, not solely a nurturer. Rather than letting the feelings of isolation snuff her passion, she chose to chase her dream and found the strength and motivation to thrive.
For more information on Jessica’s company and blog, head to the amazing website for more info. Her shop page for scrunchies is here, and join the dialogue with her on her IG feed. And be sure to look out for her upcoming contribution to YGTModernMama.




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