e018 – Momfidence Mindset – with Courtney St. Croix

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Today #onthepodcast we are talking all things self-love, body positivity and Momfidence (mom+confidence *get it?) with the one-and-only, Courtney St. Croix.

At YGTMAMA we love this topic because it is something that every mama, heck, every woman deals with at some point on her journey. "Am I worthy?" "Wouldn't I be better if I looked more like *insert celebrity girl crush here*?" "Do I look fat in this outfit?" "I'm disgusting." You get the gist, right? We are our own worst critics, and this needs to end NOW! We couldn't think of a better guest to assist with this!

Courtney St Croix is a Women's Confidence Coach, 2x Best-Selling Author, Top-Rated Host of The Momfidence Podcast, Fitness and Wellness expert, and Mama to a feisty, self-assured three-year-old daughter. Courtney has been a leader in the Canadian Fitness Industry for close to two decades and inspires women of all ages to fall in love with fitness, whatever that means for them. After struggling with personal body image and confidence in her twenties and then most recently through her postpartum experience, she realized there's a missing link between fitness culture and what it means to be healthy at any size, in both body and mind. She now educates women all over the world about the difference a positive mindset can make for not only your quality of life and self-esteem but for your fitness success as well.

We open the show with a grand entrance, diving right in! Sabrina reminds mamas that our bodies are freaking miracles that created and housed LIFE for nearly ten months. Ummm not only are we great but moms are magical unicorns. Courtney warns our listeners that the common comparison trap isn't only relevant to others Instagram highlight reels, but it is possible to fall into comparing ourselves to previous versions of ourselves. When we become moms our not only do our bodies change but we change, in essence, as a woman. It is important to not only embrace this but love this beautiful version of you.

We get the Coles notes version of the evolution of Courtney's business. She started as a blogger; not unlike our Sabrina, she has always had a passion for writing and documented many of her experiences through journaling. Her background is in fitness, and this is her area of expertise, so she started blogging more frequently about this. Her body image posts got the most traction, and her followers loved seeing a "not so typical" body type woman speak to these topics. Her strongest values stand for being healthy and having confidence at ANY size. This lead to confidence coaching and creating her amazing #MomfidentAF Self Love Journal and the girl's version too.

Next, we dive into postpartum body image issues. Changes in our stomachs, stretch marks, a little extra around the midsection, saggy boobs, and all of the rest. Courtney advises that it is best to look for accurate representation on social media. There's so much smoke and mirrors in the media that it can be easy to feel inadequate. Sarah Nicole is one of her faves. Courtney encourages us to dig into how you are feeling when you are experiencing setbacks with confidence. Maybe you are struggling with something else that is keeping you in a negative headspace. Something that helps her is journalling, getting difficult feelings out on paper. She also suggests giving yourself love, meaning when you feel bad about something like a roll or stretchmark, touch the area and say a positive affirmation.

Sabrina talks about the definition of health being sound in mind, body, and spirit. Guess what mamas? Health is not your waist size or what the scale says. The girls move into talking about setting realistic goals when it comes to health and fitness. Courtney shares her thoughts on new years resolutions. Courtney uses words/intentions rather than rigid resolutions. Her words for 2019 are 'EVOLVE' and 'EMBRACE' and she goes on to explain what these words mean to her.

"While I do want to evolve grow, I also want to learn to embrace exactly where I am. To pause, reflect and appreciate the now."

Courtney suggests checking in periodically with these words throughout the year to see if you are staying true to your intentions or if something has shifted.

Courtney gives some amazing advice paired with techniques for helping mamas connect with their inner confidence. Rethink how you are attributing your value to your body. What if from the neck down, you were invisible? Nothing else would change about you. Think about that! The external stuff doesn't matter. If you could think about your body as it is this second and had no way of ever changing it, how could you learn how to appreciate it and love it the way it was? Courtney is a major advocate for journalling and meditation, she prefers guided meditation and uses the Headspace app. 

While the girls could talk for hours, we are keeping the show under an hour now but to connect with Courtney you can check her out on Instagram or her website.




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