e004 – Mommin’ is a Mindset – with Jessica Janzen Olstad, Kristin Hallett, and Jodie Tilley

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Mommin’ is not an easy feat, certainly not one that is meant to be braved alone. In today’s episode, you will meet some of the original Mama Tribe and learn from their varying perspectives about how motherhood can be filled with joy even during the difficult and dark times if you just shift your perspective.

The thought that ‘mommin is a mindset’, that in some way we have the ability to control our thoughts and reactions, even in the craziest of chaos is kinda exciting, right? We couldn’t think of a better lineup then these three besties to share their journeys and experiences with you on how we can consciously change our perspective in all areas of life, including motherhood.  

Jess is Co-Founder of the Love for Lewiston Foundation. Which was established in honor of her son Lewiston who passed away as an infant from a rare genetic disease called Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). She also has a really awesome apparel line that raises funds for the foundation, she blogs, teaches fitness and pursues the things that make her heart soar.

Jess uses social media, Instagram specifically, to share the realness of life and to show other Moms that they are not alone. She feels social media can be such a connector for all Mamas when it is real and raw.



Kristin works for the Calgary Flames, as their host. She has worked behind, and in front of, the camera for over ten years - including stints at Breakfast Television and CTV Morning Live Winnipeg. Kristin is also the author of the beloved children's book, “Bee Love”.

Kristin shares that when you are seeing and hearing other women be vulnerable about their mama struggles, it opens up a floodgate and allows you to feel safe in being vulnerable as well. All the filters are removed, and you to be able to shameless and unapologetic in your ‘Momming’. It’s a trickle effect.



Jodie recently achieved one of her dreams and became an entrepreneur by opening Calgary’s first specialized injectables clinic Beauty PHI Medical Aesthetics. Her biggest dream of all - to be a Mama, was realized three years ago times two when she had her twin boys!

Jodie shares how writing in You've Got This, Mama, stepping outside of her comfort zone and being vulnerable has helped so many other Moms. This is what being real and sharing your story on larger platforms can actually do. It is also exactly what the mandate of this podcast is. 



All the Mamas agree that it takes a village, and there is no shame in asking for help. The ladies talk about how when you become a mom, friendships may shift, your village may shift or it may deepen. Jess urges you always reach out to the village when you need help, people, especially moms are more than open to helping.

In You've Got This, Mama, Jess shares: “In losing Lewiston’s life, I found mine”. A major life event can shift your whole perspective on life. In Jess’ opinion, before faced with the crisis of losing her son, she had chains and barriers that held her back. She told herself stories that she wasn’t good enough to live the big life or follow her dreams. For their family, losing Lewiston shifted their perspective on how they wanted to live their life. Jess claims that after that loss, she finally found the freedom that she had been searching for such a long time. “I believe I found my purpose and that is to show other people on how to live their life to the fullest”. She wants to show other moms that there is joy after loss. Every day, Jess gets up and wants to make each day count.

“I believe I found my purpose and that is to show other people how to live their life to the fullest”. ~ Jessica Janzen Olstad

Kristin discusses why miscarriages are sometimes downplayed in our society. She claims that miscarriage grief is the most misunderstood grief because it’s a quiet, shaming silence. She is passionate that we understand that grief and shame are not something that should be compared in life. Grief is grief. Loss is loss. No matter the personal situation. She claims that you need to let yourself feel the pain and live in the moment. Kristin urges mamas to just, “Feel the heal”, and not to give yourself a timeline to get over it.

Grief and shame are not something that should be compared in life. Grief is grief. Loss is loss. We need to feel the heal! ~Kristin Hallett

For Jodie, motherhood was always an elusive thing that she could never actually reach, as much as she tried. Once she learned the lesson to stop trying to control everything and everyone, she got exactly what she wanted. An amazing husband and twin boys. She shares: “It’s amazing how when you just shift your mindset a little bit and make some changes into the way that you try and control every aspect of your life, then things will start to unfold as they should.” Jodie urges that this concept of surrender is something you have to do on a daily basis with kids and put them first.

“It’s amazing how when you just shift your mindset a little bit and make some changes into the way that you try and control every aspect of your life, then things will start to unfold as they should.” ~ Jodie Tilley

All the Mamas discuss the importance of exercise in their self-care routine. So great for kids to see their moms in a healthy and active way. It’s easily the first thing that slips away as a Mom, so it’s important not to let it.

Jess talks about how patience is the one thing she couldn’t live without. Jodie agrees, don’t sweat the small stuff, choose your battles, and have a lot more patience. “Teach yourself to take three 3 deep breaths and then just put it into perspective, and how important is it and just breathe through it.”

Jess admits that a huge thing she has had to accept was letting go of her old life and accept her new slower Mom-life. Being a great mom is something that is not always quantifiable. “Being a mom, somedays, is totally enough, and it’s okay if I don’t have a to-do list to cross off, and I don’t get all of the things done because I’m raising a human being and that is such a gift in itself.” Kristin agrees: “It is enough, being a mom is enough. Some days just staying home or walking to the park is enough, and you can throw your to-do list out.”

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