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Chaos to Clarity is a four-month, one on one, intensive coaching program, designed to do exactly that, create clarity in the chaos that is motherhood, business and life. Sabrina will unravel your goals, help you discover what is possible and provide you with time-management strategies and techniques to silence the busy mind. Everyone is always searching for balance but what if we actually strived for imbalance and learned to embrace, even love our chaos?

Chaos to Clarity is a one on one coaching program, meaning: under most circumstances, it will just be you and Sabrina. Sabrina however, does have a lot of resources and third-party contacts that she can bring in under specific conditions to assure optimal results.

The ideal coaching client for this program is a mother that is feeling overwhelmed by the juggle of motherhood and seeking clarity and support. You will also be granted access to the next session of the exclusive Boss Mama Mastermind. ($1800 value)

If you find that you have little to no time for yourself, this program is for you! If your wheels are spinning but you are seemingly going nowhere or if you are juggling a million things but feel like you are giving all of them merely a percentage of your energy, this program is for you.

Sabrina has a way of unraveling your dreams into actionable goals by creating a clear plan to implement. Whether it is in your business, your brand, your motherhood or your life, you will find clarity and discover life-changing tools and strategies for success, whatever that looks like to you.

Sabrina uses a combination of mindset techniques and time-blocking/management tools, customizing and adjusting to your unique needs and desires making sure you get the most value out of the program.

“Sabrina not only helps you make your vision a reality, she dreams your vision with you!” ~ Tania Jane Moraes-Vaz

Sabrina’s coaching is entirely virtual, meaning online or on the phone. Your twelve scheduled calls will be via Zoom (a free conferencing app) and you will have allotted telephone and messenger access in-between calls. All worksheets and required readings will be provided via Google Drive.

Calls will be scheduled when works best for you. As a mom of three, Sabrina understands the importance of flexibility.

Chaos to Clarity, one on one coaching program runs for four months starting the day of enrollment. You will receive three calls p/month for a total of twelve, generous one hour, 1:1 calls. ($3000 Value)

You will also have access to Sabrina’s personal audiobook library, resource library, and reading list. ($2400 value) Your access to tools and video training will be ongoing.

You will also receive one year FREE membership to The Mama Brain Network, a community of moms and mamapreneurs that offer accountability and support. ($400 Value)

Why invest in a coach? I get asked this question often. There is no better investment then your personal development and happiness. Even coaches need coaches! Sabrina has invested tens of thousands of dollars in her personal development over the past decade, and she wants to share all of her learnings with you. Sabrina leads with heart and genuinely wants success for you!

Sabrina has a degree in psychology and education, she is a certified life coach with The School of Applied Psychology but, more importantly, she is obsessed with providing value to moms and does what it takes to achieve results. Her prices accessible and value both of your time.

“Sabrina is authentic and kind, but asks you the tough questions that make you dig deep.” ~ Tiana Fech

Sabrina not only helps you make your vision a reality, but she also dreams your vision with you. I’m so thankful I got the chance to be a part of her first Boss Mama Mastermind. I was so unclear and stuck for so long on how to go about merging my multiple passions together under one umbrella. Sabrina provided me clarity and etched out a brand strategy for me, a step by step process of how we will make this come together. Sabrina knows the heart of mamas really well and sees you for who you truly are and what you are capable of and what’s possible for you. I highly recommend getting coached 1:1 by Sabrina.

Tania Jane Moraes-Vaz

Author | Editor | Entrepreneur, The Holistic Warrior Life

Sabrina is the real deal. She is authentic and kind but asks you the tough questions so that you dig deep and really think about living your best life and being the best version of yourself. Sabrina’s effective and genuine mentorship provides the tools and resources to purposefully guide you on this amazing journey.

Tiana Fech

Teacher | Author | Blogger | HR, Parttime Jungle

Sabrina has been a life saver for me. Through her coaching, she has brought so much clarity to my vision!! She brings what you think is impossible sometimes to light and helps you realize ANYTHING is possible!

Jessica Callery

Social Media Manager | Blogger | Entrepreneur, Scrunchie Mommie

Sabrina is really a superhero disguised as a mama. Her purpose is to help mamas like me. To give us a place to belong. Working with Sabrina has brought me more clarity, support, and inspiration than I could have asked for.

Bex Bucci

Author | Blogger | Entrepreneur, Her Brilliant Life | Happy Little Flame

Wow! I didn’t expect one phone call with Sabrina, for the Boss Mama Mastermind, to make such a difference in my mind and life. Sabrina was able to start untwisting and unraveling my goals and dreams on the first call, help me make some sense of them, and give me a shove to start paying attention to those goals and dreams. I’ve already started implementing some of the strategies that we spoke of, and it’s only been a week since the call; I have also been able to implement some of her daily life organizational tips with so much success! Thank you for doing what you do, you are helping so many moms change their lives!

Koa Hughes

Author | Entrepreneur, Duffy Baker Construction Corp.

Sabrina is Mama to three young boys, a fur-baby and a dozen chickens. It wasn’t long ago though, that she was exhausted and completely overwhelmed by the invisible load of motherhood and pressure to contribute financially to the family. Her entrepreneurial journey began when she decided it was not an option to go back to her nearly ten-year corporate career after maternity leave.

Her background in developmental psychology and education made coaching and course creation a natural transition. Since achieving her post-graduate certifications in NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) she has helped hundreds of tired and overwhelmed mamas, discover joy in the madness and clarity in the chaos through a series of methods that have been tested and proven by Sabrina herself.

Now a 4x best selling author, serial entrepreneur and podcast host. She manages her many hats with pure joy from her 70 acre, rural property in the woods. Sabrina is passionate about helping other moms, with a fire in their belly, not only find clarity but pure joy on the journey.


Step 1: We take a deep dive into your identity and uncover your true passions/desires (not the shoulds and other peoples perceptions)

Step 2: Set defined intentions 

Step 3: Create a plan with digestible, actionable steps 

Step 4: Uncover your blocks and create a new mindset path

Step 5: Tools and strategies for replacing old habits with more self-serving routines 

Step 6: Learning where to lean in and where to create boundaries 

Step 7: How to foster a growth mindset and develop new skills and abilities 

Step 8: Learn how to regulate the overwhelm and replace it with grace and ease

Step 9-12: 4 customized calls to support your growth and absorption depending on your specific path.


Coaching with Sabrina truly is an investment in you; for relatively little time together, you will get VERY high impact, high value support, tangible tools and clarity in the next steps to move forward.

$7500 Value for $2997 CDN

$1000 Deposit – $499 p/mo for 4 months

Pay in full – save $500

Still Not Sure?

Still not sure if this is the right fit for you? Let’s have a quick chat to see if our energies jive. I know hiring a coach is an investment of both your time and money, I am happy to feel it out together. Book a complimentary 10-minute call now!

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