6-Month Transformation—Personal/Professional Development—High-Level Resources/Trainings—Accountability Without the Pressure

Strategies for Brand/Business Growth—Tools for Real Life; Parenting, Health, Finances—Opportunities for Creative Expansion; Podcasting, Writing, Blogging, Brand Development

You are made for so much more Mama, but you do not have to do it alone!


  • You are a mission-driven Mama—translation; you are highly motivated to make an impact on the world through either business, art, creativity or influence.
  • You have so many ideas swirling around in your head but find yourself getting stuck on the “how” due to lack of support and too much conflicting information on the internet! 
  • You are craving deep connection, sisterhood and to be truly seen and understood.
  • You are coachable and open to receiving constructive feedback.
  • You know you are made for and ready for MORE in your life and have a fire in your belly so strong, you can’t wait any longer to unleash your magic.
  • You understand the value of investing in yourself and know that by doing so you are unlocking blocks to manifest abundance.
  • You understand that pouring into personal development, heightens your relationships—relationships with your partner, your children, money, and yourself.
  • You are ready to step into the higher-level version of yourself and are willing to do the work involved to get there.


“I was able to move my business to places I didn’t even imagine bringing it. I was inspired, supported and empowered by my experience and I recommend this program to anyone starting a new business who is looking for support and ideas on how to grow, not only professionally but also personally.” 

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Christina Whelan Chabot

Best-selling Author + Podcast Host + Entrepreneur , Matters of Movement

“I can’t say enough about the Boss Mama Mastermind. I didn’t realize how stuck in fear I was until participating. With the connections, discussions and activities, I am finally coming into my own and shedding the anxiety for action and growth. I would do it all over again!” 

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Krystal Butler

Author + Health Coach + Wellness Entrepreneur , Get Whole Coaching

“Sabrina is the real deal. She is authentic and kind but asks you the tough questions so that you dig deep and really think about living your best life and being the best version of yourself. Sabrina’s effective and genuine mentorship provides the tools and resources to purposefully guide you on this amazing journey.” 

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Tiana Fech

Author + Podcast Host + Entrepreneur , The Part-Time Jungle

“Sabrina has been a lifesaver for me. Through her coaching, she has brought so much clarity to my vision and fresh ideas!! She brings what you think is impossible sometimes to light and helps you realize ANYTHING is possible!” 

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Jessica Callery

Author + Blogger + Entrepreneur , Scrunchie Mommie









Hi, I’m Sabrina

Some call me the OG Boss Mama, or The Brain Baby Doula, but truthfully I am you, I just got really good at learning from my mistakes and loving my hot messes. I operate two booming businesses, have 4x best-selling books, a 5-star rated podcast and a partridge in a pear tree. No really though, I am asked all of the time, how I do it all with 3 young boys, an 8-month old puppy and 12 egg-laying hens in tow. The answer? I have figured out how to curate the chaos and now I GET to teach others, like you, how to do the same.

My entrepreneurial journey began on maternity leave from my 10-year corporate career when I chose to build a six-figure sales team for an MLM company in less than one year. That was it, the taste of freedom. The understanding that I am the architect of my own life and, I never looked back, and never will.

Sure, I wear many hats but, I do it from a space of pure joy with an abundance mindset from my 70-acre, rural “farmstead” in the woods. I am freakishly passionate about helping other moms, with a fire in their belly, find crystal clarity in all facets of life. I have a couple of degrees and certifications I could bore you with but I think the most important thing, when it comes to choosing me as a coach, mentor, guide, facilitator (call me what you will), is this: I dream your dreams with you. I walk the walk beside you. I am a very hands-on, hearts-in kind of coach and promise to always have your best interest. I have done the work. I attended all the conferences, joined all the programs, taken all the courses and tried all the strategies. I know what works and what doesn’t. I know how to combat the overwhelm, lean in to the scatterbrain and find the joy. I cannot wait to support you in becoming the best version of who you are!


I am entirely committed to your growth and success, whatever that looks like to you. This is not a one size fits all game, I will meet you where you are at and together we will birth your brain baby. Maybe it is a book, a business, a podcast? A blog? Or perhaps you don’t even know yet. Maybe you are just looking for support, ideas and growth opportunities. Whatever it is Mama, we will take seemingly impossible goals, break them into bite-sized, digestible chunks and get you to where you desire to be.

What is included in your investment?

✔️     3 x 1:1 calls with Sabrina to customize your experience. Call 1=(1-hr) before our first Mastermind call (March) to get to know you and your passions. Call 2=(1-hr) mid-point check-in, what’s working/what’s not. Call 3=(1-hr) before we wrap up to see what you need for further support. Value=$3000

✔️     A biweekly Mastermind call with your group of new biz besties and likeminded Boss Mamas facilitated by Sabrina. These calls are to discuss challenges, wins and discover how we can support one another and really open up, without judgment about business and motherhood. Value=$3000

✔️    A biweekly training/instruction video and PDF worksheet outlining implementable strategies for finding clarity in your chaos. Value=$1000

✔️     Access to guest trainers and industry experts monthly. Value=$3000

✔️     One year membership (as a founding member) to The Mama Brain Network, an exclusive membership program for boss mamas just like you. Value=$250 annually

✔️     Featured on the YGTMAMA blog or podcast (both if desired) to organically expand your networks and followers. You will also get a direct link/logo placement on the YGTMAMA website as one of our partners. Value=Priceless

✔️     Access to Sabrina’s black book of resources and personal reading/listening lists. Personal development is key to success, these tools are part of what has worked for her. Value=$500

✔️     An opportunity to create new energy, habits, focus, friends, and clarity. Lasting strategies to uplevel your life and motherhood with ease and joy. Value=Priceless

✔️     Your very own Boss Mama Mastermind box with physical tools and fun merch to empower you during this program. Value=$150

Total VALUE = $10000+


So by now, you must see the value I’m offering and you’re probably pretty excited to get started? Let me guess though . . .

That mean girl in your head, the one who wants to keep you small and stressed out, she is yelling at you. “I don’t have time for another thing, I am already so busy.” “I can’t afford this, I just paid for ____ and am tapped out.” “I will just join the next one when I am ___.” “My business isn’t important enough yet to bother.” “I am not important enough.” Am I right or am I right?

Mama, I have been there, chasing my “one-day” goals. As moms, we think it is not possible to invest in ourselves. Our dreams are last on the list. We keep justifying that “one-day when___, I will finally do___.” TODAY is the only day, today is “day one” and this realization is the first freebie advice I am going to give you. You can do this, and you should because you are enough and you do deserve “it all” whatever that is for you. This program is designed to get you out of your own way so you can finally be excited to wake up in the morning.

I promised a lot and one more thing I solemnly swear is to give you my all. My passion, my attention, my honesty, and vulnerability. You get the real me, Mama but in exchange for that I need – 6-months of you, physically (online), emotionally, and spiritually.

✔️  Physically – This simply means your time and genuine presence. We will have biweekly mastermind calls with the team that must be attended for optimal results(except of course when life happens). This is a sacred space where multi-tasking will be deemed a swear word. Training videos and worksheets will be recorded and posted but “homework” will need to be completed before the following call (less than one hour). You will also have a one hour welcome 1:1 call with me, Sabrina, a one-hour mid-point check-in call and an end of the program, one-hour plan of action call. Total hours commitment for 6 months – approximately 36 hours (1.5 hours p/week).

✔️  Emotionally – I need a promise that you will trust me, and allow the growth and flow to occur, even if it is initially uncomfortable. Growth can be painful but I promise less so when you have a tribe of amazing women in your corner.

✔️  Spiritually – I need a commitment from you that you will have an open mind. Some of the strategies and techniques I use may be outside of your norm, you know that cozy little comfort zone, this is a safe space and growth does not happen from inside the comfort zone. Kindness, love, and absence of judgment.

✔️  Financial commitment, because nobody should work for free and let’s be honest, commitment is greater when you have skin in the game. This is not your typical $10K-$20K+ high ticket mastermind, this is accessible, for mission-driven mamas who understand their value and worth, I get that and my promise to you is value, results, and community—three priceless attributes.

✔️  Payment plans are available – see pricing.


Repeat the following statements. Upon signing up for the program, you are agreeing and committing to the following promises. 

✔️  I promise 100% confidentiality. Topics discussed on the page and during our calls must stay within the group.

✔️  I promise to leave my judgment at the door. This is a safe space to share our truths which sometimes can be difficult. The truth isn’t always pretty but our purpose is to work through the challenges together and in order to do so, we must know what those truths are.

✔️  No shaming – any attempt to mom-shame or put anyone down will result in immediate removal from the program and page with no refund.

✔️  Kindness only, we are here to help one another, lift each other up and rise together.

✔️  No selling or recruiting – we are here to support one another and absolutely this will create powerful relationships, new collaborations, and business partnerships. Yes, this is entirely the purpose of this group, to grow and help one another. The request is to allow this to happen organically, no aggressive sales on our fellow Boss Mamas.

If any of these important promises are broken this will result in removal from the group and dismissal of the program, without refund. 



The curriculum is used as a general guide and is customized to the participant’s needs and desires.

Month 1 – Identity + self-awareness

We take a deep dive into self-discovery. What are your true passions + desires? We layout a roadmap for uncovering goals and setting intentions. Human design, core beliefs, your WHY are just a few things we will cover off on here.


Month 2 – health + habits

Here we will really get into the mind/body connection. We will talk to the importance of physical and mental health. Our guest coaches will provide nutrition + fitness tools. We will dive into habits, morning routines and so much more.


Month 3 – Mindset + Brain psychology

This month is really focussed around time-management skills, time-blocking, tools for juggling business and parenting, how to avoid multitasking, how to gain back some of your time and building strong foundational business skills.


Month 4 – The “woo”

Here we will get a little “out there” and talk about silence and the importance of slowing down, creating space, meditation, manifesting, self-care and tools for becoming more spiritually sound. We also cover self-worth and love.


Month 5 – the “work”

This month we dive into the work with the tools you have collected. Sales, marketing, legal, accounting, monetizing your ideas, business plans and development strategy, scalability.


Month 6 – Action

Actionable steps for momentum, tangible product for launch (book, brand, business, podcast, blog, platform), 5-year action plan, strategies for scaling and elevating your plan. Launch kit with organic marketing and built-in focus group.


meet some of our 2019 guest coaches

cassie jeans

Spiritual Facilitator 

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kari keating

Business + Success Coach

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haylee stamper

Mentor + Speaker + Advocate

Instagram | Website

courtney st croix

Confidence Coach + Author

Instagram | Website

mona sharma

Celebrity Nutritionist

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natalie scott

Coach + Speaker

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lisa pedersen

Social Media Coach

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