The September Renewal Session

This program is designed to get you out of your own way

so you can finally turn one day, into day one of your new life. 

Are you a multi-passionate entrepreneur? Maybe you have something on your heart but are having a difficult time navigating it and motherhood at the same time?

Are you trying to juggle running your business(es) from home while being present with your children and finding the balance impossible? Maybe you’re back at it from mat leave and feel totally burnt out?

Are you exhausted? Overwhelmed? Do you feel like you are constantly busy but nothing seems to get done? Are your wheels spinning but seemingly not moving forward? Do you have a ton of ideas but no idea how to make them a reality?

Does it always feel like you have NO time? Are you forever chasing nap-time or bedtime just to find yourself too tired to work during office hours?

If you said yes to even one of these questions, we are your people.

I was once ALL of the above too.









Mama, I know it can be tricky to navigate the abundance of information out there. With everyone and their sister being some kind of coach or expert on anything and everything, it can be challenging to sift through the noise and find genuine heart and soul based connections and mentorships. Are your inbox and social feeds blowing up with sponsored posts on this program, that course, this empty promise towards that desired outcome? It is becoming far too much, amirite?

So, what makes the Boss Mama Mastermind different from all the rest?

So glad you asked:



I am willing to guarantee results if you are willing to commit to the homework and suggestions provided. I am going to be real with you, it won’t be easy, but it doesn’t have to be hard either and whatever it is for you, you won’t be alone.


You will become part of an exclusive group of likeminded Boss Mamas who will surely become your new biz besties and your much-needed accountability buddies in business, motherhood, and life. This is a safe space free of judgment, no mom-shaming will be allowed here. You will have lifetime access to this group as a founding member which means the mastermind does not end after the 6-weeks, only the calls.


Me, your host, I am different. While I am a newly certified life coach, I have been coaching since I can remember and am a psych grad, I am also a mama, who has been exactly where you are. They say not to listen to someone who hasn’t walked in your shoes and who is not now, where you want to be. My big vision for this life is to empower as many other moms as I can with the knowledge I have acquired over the many years I’ve been grinding away.

Your Host – Sabrina Greer

So who am I? Well, I am you. I am a mom of 3 super cool boys, I am a loving wife, I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur and I know that it is not freaking easy. I want to support you on the journey to achieving clarity in your chaos using the tools and strategies I have created and developed. The most common question I am asked is: “How do you do it all?” My answer, “With said tools I want to share with you.” So for those of you that don’t know me and what “it all” is, let me explain.

I have worked and studied in just about every industry. My desire to live outside of the box started when I became a self-employed, international fashion model, spokesperson, and actor at 15 years old. I have lived and represented myself as a professional in over a dozen countries. I studied social work, sociology, education, and psychology completing degrees and diplomas in the latter two. I also worked as a corporate events manager and trainer for nearly a decade with a team of over 100 staff. I have had a successful side-hustle, MLM business for five years, been a director at a publishing house and most recently earned my certification as a life coach and NLP practitioner from the School of Applied Psychology.

I have written and published 3 best-selling books in less than 1 year, have 3 more in production to be published this year and have built a booming business from scratch, in 7 months with no daycare or nanny help. In my spare time, I am the host of a 5-star podcast called You’ve Got This, Mama and the curator of a popular mommy blog. I am also the Eastern Canada Coordinator and Ambassador for a beautiful charity called Mamas for Mamas. Through it all, my heart continuously guides me back to it’s deepest passion which is empowering other mamas, like you to step into your best self for you, your biz and your family! Are you wondering the same then? How do I do it all? The answer is in this mastermind!

I don’t even know where to start when I think of the many ways having Sabrina, in my life as a mentor, coach, and fellow mamapreneur friend has impacted me and changed me for the better. Working with Sabrina has honestly been a Godsend for me. She helped me gain clarity in my business, my relationship with myself, and especially my relationship with my kiddo and husband. Sabrina is such a compassionate, kindhearted, and loving soul – she holds space for you to truly heal inside and out. She sees the gifts you have to offer before you can even conceptualize it and helps you 110% put a plan together you can execute. Sabrina is truly an expert at ALL that she does and the best part? She keeps it honest, transparent, and real. Sabrina has truly helped me step into a powerful version of myself as a multi-passionate woman of many hats. I now know that I am capable of doing anything my heart desires and I am worthy of it all. I highly recommend working with Sabrina — her loving, positive, and inspiring energy and soul paired with her wisdom and expertise is a surefire combination for the soul aligned success any mamapreneur craves.

Tania Jane Moraes-Vaz

Author | Multipreneur | Mama, Fleeting Moments by Jane Creative Studios, PCOSThrive Collective

Earlier this year, before the launch of my candle business and prior to hitting “publish” on my first blog post, I found myself a bit clouded and misplaced. I was struggling to navigate my way through a new chapter in my life, learning how to be a work-from-home mama. I was battling guilt, anxiety, insecurity, and isolation. I needed help. I needed a guiding light. It’s funny how life will give you exactly what you need if you’re truly ready to receive it. Sabrina found me, I like to think by divine intervention, through a post in a Facebook group. She basically handed me my lifelong dream on a silver platter, along with boundless inspiration, creative vision, and support. After a brief chat on the phone, I discovered that Sabrina was really a superhero disguised as a mama. Her purpose was to help mamas like me. To give us a place to belong. A place to open up and be ourselves. A place to share our stories, along with our struggles and our dreams. Working with Sabrina has brought me more clarity, support, and inspiration than I could have asked for.

Bex Bucci

Author | Multipreneur | Mama, Happy Little Flame, Her Brilliant Life


Okay so you are intrigued, a little apprehensive, nervous perhaps? Maybe you are curious what this is really all about and if there is actually value in it for you? I have listed what is included in your Boss Mama Mastermind 6 week intensive program and the associated values. I know I am working with moms that need my help and need it now. My mission in life is to share the tips and tools that have made what was incredibly difficult for me before, easy and joyful. I want it to be accessible though. What Mamapreneur can afford these high ticket programs and masterminds in the thousands? How do you know if it’s the right fit? If your heart and soul are nudging you to do this, I encourage you to just jump in. Check out all of my promises to you below. 


✔️     3 x 1:1 calls with Sabrina to customize your experience, because who are we kidding? This one size fits all model does not work in business and/or in motherhood. Call 1=(1-hr) before our first Mastermind call to get to know you and your passions. Call 2=(30 mins) mid-point check-in, what’s working/what’s not. Call 3=(30 mins) before we wrap up to see what you need for further support. Value=$600

✔️     A weekly Mastermind call with your group of new biz besties and likeminded Boss Mamas facilitated by Sabrina. These calls are to discuss what is working, what is not, how we can support one another and really open up, without judgment about business and motherhood. Value=$600

✔️    A weekly training/instruction video and PDF workbook outlining implementable strategies for finding clarity in your chaos. Topics include, but are not limited to; Value=$600

  • time-blocking
  • creating morning/evening routines for success
  • Sabrina’s 10/20/60 strategy for time management
  • health and wellness tips for busy mamas 
  • automating content planning to take things off your plate
  • leveling up in all areas 
  • giving yourself grace and flexibility
  • mindfulness and meditation, silencing the noise
  • abolishing mom-guilt and overwhelm
  • creating and nurturing a growth mindset
  • finding your flow
  • realistic goal setting
  • scaling up and creating the income you deserve 
  • unapologetic self-care 


✔️     Access to guest trainers and resources that will pop on our exclusive group to share their knowledge. Value=$600

✔️     Lifetime access to an exclusive group where resources will be continuously shared and the conversations can continue. This is actually priceless as the program does not end after 6 weeks, only the weekly calls. Value=$250 annually

✔️     You will be featured on the YGTMAMA blog or podcast (both if desired) to organically expand your networks and followers and have access to our beautiful community. You will also get a direct link/logo placement on the YGTMAMA website as one of our partners. Value=Priceless

✔️     Access to Sabrina’s black book of resources and personal reading/listening lists. Personal development is key to success, these tools are part of what has worked for her. Value=$500

✔️     An opportunity to create new energy, habits, focus, friends, and clarity. Lasting strategies to uplevel your life and motherhood with ease and joy. Value=Priceless

✔️     Your very own Boss Mama Mastermind box with physical tools and fun merch to empower you during this program. Value=$150

Total VALUE = $3300


So by now, you must see the value I’m offering and you’re probably pretty excited to get started? Let me guess though . . .

That mean girl in your head, the one who wants to keep you small and stressed out, she is yelling at you. “I don’t have time for another thing, I am already so busy.” “I can’t afford this, I just paid for ____ and am tapped out.” “I will just join the next one when I am ___.” “My business isn’t important enough yet to bother.” “I am not important enough.” Am I right or am I right?

Mama, I have been there, chasing my “one day” goals. As moms, we think it is not possible to invest in ourselves. Our dreams are last on the list. We keep justifying that “one day when___, I will finally do___.” TODAY is the only day, today is “day one” and this realization is the first freebie advice I am going to give you. You can do this, and you should because you are enough and you do deserve “it all” whatever that is for you. This program is designed to get you out of your own way so you can finally turn one day, into day one of your new life. A life that you are excited to wake up for.

I promised a lot and one more thing I solemnly swear is to give you my all. My passion, my attention, my honesty, and vulnerability. You get the real me, Mama but in exchange for that I need – 6-weeks of you, physically (online), emotionally, and spiritually.

✔️  Physically – This simply means your time and genuine presence. We will have weekly mastermind calls with the team that must be attended for optimal results. This is a sacred space where multi-tasking will be deemed a swear word. Training videos and workbooks will be recorded and posted but “homework” will need to be completed before the following week’s call (less than one hour). You will also have a one hour welcome 1:1 call with me, Sabrina, a 30-minute mid-point check-in call and an end of program, 30-minute plan of action call. Total hours commitment for 6 weeks – approximately 16 (2-3p/week).

✔️  Emotionally – I need a promise that you will trust me, and allow the growth and flow to occur, even if it is initially uncomfortable. Growth can be painful but I promise less so when you have a tribe of amazing women in your corner.

✔️  Spiritually – I need a commitment from you that you will have an open mind. Some of the strategies and techniques I use may be outside of your norm, you know that cozy little comfort zone, this is a safe space and growth does not happen from inside the comfort zone. Kindness, love, and absence of judgment. (See Our Promise To Each Other for details)  

✔️  Financial commitment, because nobody should work for free and let’s be honest, commitment is greater when you have skin in the game. This is not your typical $10K+ high ticket mastermind, this is accessible, for mamas who are also entrepreneurs, I get that and my promise to you is value, results, and community—three priceless attributes.

✔️  Payment plans are available – see pricing.


Repeat the following statements. Upon signing up for the program, you are agreeing and committing to the following promises. 

✔️  I promise 100% confidentiality. Topics discussed on the page and during our calls must stay within the group.

✔️  I promise to leave my judgment at the door. This is a safe space to share our truths which sometimes can be difficult. The truth isn’t always pretty but our purpose is to work through the challenges together and in order to do so, we must know what those truths are.

✔️  No shaming – any attempt to mom-shame or put anyone down will result in immediate removal from the program and page with no refund.

✔️  Kindness only, we are here to help one another, lift each other up and rise together.

✔️  No selling or recruiting – we are here to support one another and absolutely this will create powerful relationships, new collaborations, and business partnerships. Yes, this is entirely the purpose of this group, to grow and help one another. The request is to allow this to happen organically, no aggressive sales on our fellow Boss Mamas.

If any of these important promises are broken this will result in removal from the group and dismissal of the program, without refund. 


Your Guest Trainers


Guest trainers are hired, highly sought after professional health, mindset, and business coaches that specialize in areas of the Boss Mama Mastermind curriculum, brought into the program to curate content just for you. Stay tuned, trainers announced in August.

All Boss Mama Mastermind participants receive 50% off professional logo design, WordPress blog and web design, podcast startup production, future courses, retreats and conferences as well as lifetime access and Founder’s status to the Member’s Only community for business, personal development and parenting resources – The Mamasphere.

Mama, we know that life happens. Kids get sick, cars need to go to the shop, you know the “I wish I had prepared for impact” moments. You have until August 23 for a full refund minus a $50 processing fee.

If you bring in a biz-bestie, you will get a referral credit of $50, good incentive to empower your friends!

All packages and plans include a printed and bound copy of The Boss Mama Mastermind, 48 page workbook and a Boss Mama Journal.

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